B-Bop's Owner

One thing is certain; B-Bop's success is no accident. Bob Johnson did his homework and paid his dues prior to developing B-Bop's restaurants. In 1970, he began his career in the fast food industry with Mr. Quick in Bollingbrook, Illinois. He began as an assistant manager, a position he held for eight months. Impressed with Johnson's ambition and skill, Corporate offered him the opportunity to become a Franchise Partner in the business. In 1973 Johnson accepted the offer, moved to Newton, Iowa, and opened a Mr. Quick. He later opened stores in Fairfield and Muscatine, Iowa. In 1983 Johnson and his partners changed the restaurant name from Mr. Quick to Sizzlin' Sams.

In 1986 Johnson became familiar with the double drive-thru concept. Double drive-thru's were popping up in the sunbelt states and their success impressed him. Johnson began researching the available data and developing his own complimentary ideas, knowing that one-day he would pursue the opportunity.

In 1988 Johnson noticed a building located at 1500 E Euclid in Des Moines, Iowa. His research and intuition told him that this was the ideal location to open a double drive-thru. Within six months the first B-Bop's was opened on that spot.